Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Selangor 2008 power play

Selangor 2008 power play

Hasan Ali, formerly of PAS, has ambitions of being Selangor menteri besar and has been at the forefront of moves for a PAS-Umno marriage of convenience in the name of Malay and Muslim unity.

Pakatan Rakyat 36 seats (with Hasan Ali)
Umno 20 seats

PKR & DAP: 28 PAS & Umno: 28

Such a union, whether by coalition or merger, would lay the foundations for Umno's takeover of the Selangor state administration. They would have a combined total of 28 seats in the State Assembly, on level terms with the Pakatan Rakyat: Umno (20 seats) and PAS including Hasan Ali (8) against Pakatan Rakyat's PKR (15 seats) and DAP (13).

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