Saturday, January 21, 2012

'Ah Wah Gor' vs 'Ah Jib Gor'

Just a week after Prime Minister Najib Razak's new Facebook handle in Mandarin 'Ah Jib Gor' made its cyberspace debut, supporters of his arch-enemy Anwar Ibrahim emulated the idea, setting up a Facebook page with the 'Ah Wah Gor' moniker. (Full Story)

karma Wong Nai Chee is an MCA man. So it is MCA which is manning the page! What a trick! Ah Jib probably don't know what is happening because it is MCA monitoring it.
Voteforchange my name is ah jib.I've to change my name it is a disgrace to share the same name with this paikachai unelected pm.please call for election please.
karma Ah Jib So (wife of Ah Jib) has more ang pow to give. Richer than Ah Jib Gor. Because she can save RM24m since childhood!
Armageddon When is Ah Din Gor joining the race? If you want to be the next PM, you have to do it. But it will be tough for him, because he already made it clear that he is Malay First.
Anonymous_3f1f Ah jib gor"eng" political secretary, running dog from mca should also set-up one for ah kutty gor"eng".
Anonymous_4031 Ah wah Gor leading against Ah Jib Gor, will all Chinese schools and Tamil schools go for Ang Pows? Ah Jib Gor has a lot of ang pows to distribute to all of you! Just give him or his secretary a call; and Ah Jib Gor will come running to you to give you ang pow! Chong Hwa school received RM2.5 million! Yes, with the taxpayers' money, you could build more schools; take in more students; and buy more computers; and your schools will be more popular than Sekolah Kebangsaan! Then Ah Mu Gor will feel very disappointed!
Anonymous_4031 Ah Wah Gor vs Ah Jib Gor ? Within 24 hours, Ah Wah Gor has sped past Ah Jib Gor, who had an early handicap of 7 days! Give Ah wah Gor 7 days, he would be out of sight of Ah Jib Gor! With Ah Jib Gor trailing badly, will he give up the ghost? Will he surrender and say " I give up? "
Anonymous A jib Gor got thrashed ,14850 for 5 days vs A Wah Gor 20230 in 24 hours !!!!
Changeagent A Facebook like for 'Ah Wah Gor' is different to a vote in the polling booth. Let's keep the momentum and make it count where it really matters the most.
No4beend Think the response are credible figures unlike the UM survey which certainly were moderated to mislead public Ah GOReng is not going to be voted out.Truth is change of goverment is imminent ! Something that will happen despite effort to buy votes.The latest is fund for fishermen.The last 4 years BN leaders were busy helping themselves .The final year they realize that those marginalized all these years must be given something.It's minute compared what they have robbed so far.....So fishemen,take the small gift ,but don't give your votes to these squanderers!!!
yap cs Support this site!
unspin For an untrustworthy, two-faced guy who abuses taxpayers’ money as if it is his grandfather’s money, Najib does not deserve to be called “Brother”. In fact, a more appropriate nickname for him is “Ah Jib Guai” (Devil Najib).
Anonymous Me too. Can someone plse create a link here. Sorry. I don't know Mandarin.
Blogsmith Anybody has a link to that Facebook page? I want to lend my support. Malaysiakini, why don't you give us that link?
Oscar Kilo This is awesome!

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