Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nanyang Siang Pau : Bersih Rally July 9 2011

China Photo News
Union elections are not attacking the net into the default field

BERSIH 2.0 EU election rallies and blocked by the police to disperse, to the Merdeka Stadium, a rally and the national palace to present the memorandum to two goals have all failed, rallies turned into street demonstrations, more than 1667 people were arrested. 7.09 rallies and other NLD leaders and拿督安比嘉election Yu Wanming net League supporters, as well witch Youth League leaders and supporters of the "Patriotic Movement" have ignored the police advice, insisted on Long City parade.Confusion, at least nine people and the Witch Union Youth League Central leaders were arrested. BERSIH election alliance, in addition there was nearly a thousand supporters close to the silent field, but by the police blockades, eventually 16:30 dissolution. National Palace, since the police blocked the road entirely, the BERSIH League team can not close election, and therefore can not understand the memo to the heads of state.

Participate in a patriotic parade of people fell to the ground and was reprimanded by the Federal Reserve police officers.Kelly trying to break through the police's defense, finally driven back by the police.
Action Party leader Fang Guilun, NI Khan and other personal in Kuala Lumpur, and keep in touch with other leaders, pass each other messages.Federal Reserve before the clock tower in Kuala Lumpur, firing tear gas, strict checks to prevent demonstrators from entering the Independence Square.
For the country and the people's safety, the police officers deployed Yu Wanming, including seven teams the Federal Reserve should the situation in a rally in Kuala Lumpur.A man man guards the pass, in the empty streets to meet the federal reserve.
Anwar (right) and An Bijia wearing a yellow BERSIH election alliance 2.0, stepped out of Kuala Lumpur Sentral, preparing to go to the Merdeka Stadium.Seems to have expected the police would use tear gas, a completely prepared to do the demonstrators, wearing masks.
Protected by bodyguards in Central, but was arrested shortly after the election chief Xianbijia net.

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