Tuesday, January 12, 2010

drug, sexual stimulants and phonographic material are easily available in malaysian market now

January 12, 2010 20:15 PM
MCPA Exposes Easy Availability Of Cheap Drug
PETALING JAYA, Jan 12 (Bernama) -- The easy availability of a cheap drug, faked sexual stimulants and pornographic material for secondary school students and youths in the capital has astounded the Malaysian Crime Prevention Association (MCPA).

Its president, Ravi Ponnan said items like phonographic DVDs, lighters and gaming cards with pictures of nude women, stun-guns could easily be bought from night markets and sundry shops.

He claimed that a type of pills, made of tobacco and acre nuts, said to be cancer pills originating from India were sold for 60 sen each at night markets, sundry shops and mamak restaurants.

"Although the pill is not a drug but it can give a hallucination effect 15 minutes after taking it. Ironically, it is banned in India.

"The pill is a hit among students as it cheap. Some students have even misled their teachers and parents by saying they are pills for headache and they get addicted to it.

"Our surveillance showed that foreign workers, especially restaurant helpers and car wash attendants, are taking the pills.

"We have also succeeded in persuading traders to sell to us two electric stun-guns priced at RM70 and RM80 each, which looked like a mobile phone and a torch light," he added.

Ravi said the MCPA was willing to provide details of its surveillance to relevant authorities.


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